The Art of Decision Making

Turning your passion into your niche

Whether it’s work-life balance, life-love balance or anything in between, if there is one thing we humans are good at it’s the inherent ability to forgo our dreams in the midst of life being life.

This is where the art of decision making comes in! Drawing on the momentum of the Existentialist movements, we as people are free to do whatever we like and the only consequence for that? Living with it afterwards. This brings us to our overarching point, when is it time to WANT and when is it time to DO?

So applying this theory to my life, I’ve been faced with many important crossroads before. To go here or there, to be with this person or that person, even where to live. No bit of surprise when I say that obviously the riskier decisions have lead to some of the most incredible outcomes… but the question is left of how do we know what’s right and wrong?

It’s all about perception. How do we perceive ourselves? How do we want to be perceived? Now I understand this is a lot of questions, but they all lead down the path of understanding what is actually is in life that makes you happy. For me, I realized I wanted to study at university and start working as a freelance creative. Badabing, badaboom, here we are!

It’s that simple. All you need to do is dream it up, work hard at what you love and make the reality you want to live in. But where to start? First things first, it’s important to establish what you’re passionate about. You’ll find yourself asking questions like… Who am I? What do I love doing? Why do I love doing it?

Good. That’s where all dreams start. Think of something you love (key word something, not somebody), figure out why you love it and how it makes you… you. There you have it, step 1 complete.

Now we take this formula, and apply it to the real world to make a plan. For example, maybe you love dogs, maybe you love dogs enough that you want to play with a dog every single day, maybe that makes you the happiest you could ever be because a dogs fur is the softest most lovely thing in the world in your opinion…. That’s great!

That’s step one of the formula. What you love and why you love it. Step two of the formula is the how it makes you, you. So perhaps you love playing with dogs so much but you work full-time and you aren’t sure if having your own dog is really fair on the pup, or maybe you do have the time in the week to have a puppy, but maybe you’re not really sure about the financial commitment. Who knows, either way, what we know is that you love dogs and the thing that would make you the very happiest all the time, would be more dogs.

This is where it starts to get nitty gritty… Are you the kind of person who wants a dog? Are you going to be upset with yourself and change your life to fit in your new furry friend? Or are you the kind of person who is going to turn that passion into a niche? If you’re the latter, read on.

In the great words of Jean-Paul Sarte, “freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” So in the spirit of a clear mind and a full heart I say, take that freedom by wrists, throw it into the sky above you and turn it into something meaningful.

Maybe you could get a dog and everything will be pie. Or maybe you can start a dog walking business, and start reaping the financial benefits of loving to play with dogs. But how do you do it? Well that’s up to you!

Building your empire from the ground up is a daunting task, but a task we have all undergone in our lives at some point. Think: You get a coffee at a new cafe, the barista asks your name, and you ask theirs back… You now have a connection, a friend, an ally at your local cafe. Maybe that barista will remember your coffee order now they know your name… Who knows what else could build from here!

Perhaps our dog lover does a letterbox drop in the area, offering their services at a discounted rate along with available times and a contact number. Perhaps that dog lover gets one call that week and two the next, three the next. Badabing, badaboom! You’re in business.

Looking back at the bigger picture, we can see that it’s all a headspace that you undertake. Am I a citizen of the great empire in the sky…. or am I building my very own empire inside myself? That choice is all yours.

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